About Rara and Rus

Tickle the Pear is a brand-new Harry Potter podcast brought to you by Rara and Rus. Grab your extendable ears for a delightful blend of humor and literary analysis. We solemnly swear that our discussions of the books will be up to Outstanding N.E.W.T. level, and that our stories will be even funnier than a joke dancing in front of Percy wearing nothing but a tea cozy.


1. We had to label our podcast “explicit” because of the occasional Ron Weasley-esque profanity. Merlin’s saggy left–

2. We’ll release our episodes weekly, so stay tuned.

3. Our cover artwork has been made by the lovely Amanda Grazini.

4. No . . . our title is not a metaphor for anything kinky.

5. Rara and Rus aren’t our real names, but we’re following in the august tradition of Potterwatch hosts: River, Royal, Romulus and Rapier.


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