Cover Art


Here’s the cover art for our podcast. Keep your eyes peeled when you search for it on iTunes, just like crummy old Filch scouring the Hogwarts halls.



What did you think about Tickle the Pear’s pilot episode? Were we too giggly, too silent? Too loud, too soft? Too analytical, not analytical enough?

Or did our podcast make you feel like you’d drunk a vial of Felix Felicis and all had become right with the world? 😉

Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll doff our wizarding hats to you during Episode 5!

Episode 1 – Frogs, Fans, and Feminism

Tickle The Pear – Season 1, Episode 1 – Frogs, Fans, and Feminism.

In the pilot episode of Tickle the Pear, a new Harry Potter podcast, hosts Rara and Rus discuss if JK Rowling is “grossed out by girliness,” swap fan stories, and eat some frogs–chocolate, of course!

If you’d prefer to download the audio file, click here.

Who made that?

Tickle the Pear


The artist behind our fabulous podcast art is…

Amanda Grazini!

Amanda is a fantastic artist and illustrator living in Brazil. Mega-generous and mega-kind, Amanda has given us permission to use her illustration of Harry, Hermoine and Ron tickling the painting of the giant pear that led to the Hogwarts kitchen.

You can read more about Amanda and see all her work here:

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